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PRIME Group is the innovative leader of Ukrainian outdoor advertising market. It is a full-service media owner with international investment.

  • The only representative from Ukraine in the global association of out of home advertising companies — FEPE International. Full member since 2013
  • Full member of Ukraine Outdoor Advertising Operator's Association
  • Full member of All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition
  • Cofounder of Industrial Committee of Outdoor Advertising
  • Organizer of the only annual international conference on outdoor advertising in Ukraine — Out Of Home Forum
  • Founder of specialized online publication — Out Of Home Journal
  • Developer of online platform for outdoor media planning and buying — outhub.online
  • Kiev International Advertising Festival “For bravery” award institutor
9,5% market share (all formats)
10,4% market share by the most in-demand format — standard billboard (3×6 m)
12 years on the market
650 clients a year
3 200 campaigns a year
32 000 + advertising panels
65 cities


In an effort to simplify outdoor media transactions, as well as to make the market more transparent and accessible, PRIME Group has developed a unique online platform for outdoor advertising planning and buying — outhub.online.

The platform connects media owners with advertising agencies and advertisers that are interested in promoting their brands, products or services to the growing out of home audiences.


  • Access via a web browser on any device
  • 24/7/365
  • Media metrics-based campaign planning
  • Quick search available assets by POIs
  • Real-time availability
  • Campaign cost instantaneous calculation
  • Campaign deployment online tracking
  • ERP-like system tailored for outdoor advertising (buying cycle management in an integrated environment)
  • >32K outdoor assets across Ukraine
  • >60 (and growing) participating media owners
  • >150 clients — large and small

Out Of Home Journal

Out Of Home Journal is an online trade publication for Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking professional community. It is thought of as a dedicated source of information on all things out of home, both local and global. The target audience consists of marketing professionals, media strategists, and agency creatives.

The latest news, the best international practices, survey and research reports, global trends — stay on top of it all with Out Of Home Journal!


Out Of Home Forum

Since 2013, PRIME Group annually holds an international conference on outdoor advertising.

OOH Forum invites world-class professionals to address a conference on a wide range of advertising matters: trends, best practices, measurement, cities, and etc.

The event is instrumental in raising the quality bar of the local outdoor advertising market year in and year out.

Have a look: ooh.in.ua

Kiev International Advertising Festival “For bravery” special award

In 2017, PRIME Group instituted a special nomination at the Kiev International Advertising Festival — “For bravery”. The award encourages the creative community to transcend the ordinary when developing ideas for outdoor advertising. The prize will be awarded annually.

“Our prize celebrates bold ideas in outdoor advertising. The ideas that attract attention, are at odds with the traditional approach within their category, and thus accomplish the mission of outdoor advertising. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush,” says Ekaterina Khramova, Managing Partner at PRIME Group.